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Nalen Multigrain porridge have many essentials body needs for daily energy.

It is high in complex carbohydrates  and protein , required for energy production, break down slow so they can provide energy over a period of time.

It is an healthy and nutritious powder which can be given to all age group people.


Reasons to have NALEN Multigrain porridge.

It contains high fiber content which helps in our digestive system, reduce high blood cholesterol and help prevent heart disease.

 A fiber-rich diet may also decrease your risk of hemorrhoids & blood pressure

It  contains protein, zinc, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin E and phytochemicals.

This pack of all healthy essential nutrients can help boost your immune system and fight infection.

Help stabilize blood-sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The fiber content  helps slow the absorption of sugar, which may improve blood-glucose levels for people who suffer from diabetes.


Ingredients :  Ragi ( Finger millet),  Bajra (Kambu/pearl millet) , Corn (Sholam & Makka sholam)

Samba godumai, Sago ( Javuarisi), Green gram( Pasi payiru), Verkadalai(peanuts) , Cashew, Almonds, Cardamom,

Thulasi, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Amla, Tinospora cordifolia, Nannari, Soya beans.


Directions for use:

Add 2 teaspoonful powder to boiling water stir well for 5 minutes and serve.


Pack size:   250 grams in a jar.

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