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Provides  natural & Medicinal nutrition to hair

Prevents hair loss

Checks dandruff

Promotes hair growth



Growe & Glowe oil contains extracts of

Hibiscus rosasinesis  - Indicated for premature hair loss & graying as it has property to control excessive hair fall. Cooling & helps maintain hair color & vitality.

Emblica officinalis – Nourishing and purifying, Helps hair to retain its natural color & texture, makes hair strong and healthy

Eclipta alba – Stimulates hair follicles, helps retard premature thinning & graying, soothes and conditions scalp, render hair black & promotes luxurious growth helps resistance to stress.Revitalizes hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation.

Lawsonia alba – It helps tostimulate hair growth & helps to  hair regain its lost color in cases of premature graying, repairs split ends & makes hair soft, silky, shining &live.

Centella asiatica-helps calm mind & nervous system, pacifies vata & nourishing for hair. It helps promotes hair thickness. Acts as mild sedative, cures insomnia & relieves stress.

Azadirachta indica – has purifying & cleansing properties, Good control of dandruff antibacterial & anti fungal properties.

Boswellia glabra – Antiseptic, against fungal and bacterial infection. Stimulates hair follicles-stimulates growth of hair.

Trigonella  foenum graeceum- Seeds promote hair growth . Helps to control dandruff & premature hair fall & seasonal irritations of scalp.

Sesamum indicum – Hair tonic & removes dandruff.

Cocus nucifera – has purifying & cleansing properties.


Directions for use:  For external application , Gently massage on the scalp.

Pack size:   100ml


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